Together my high school classmates and I file into the stadium for the concert.
The seating is some of the steepest I've ever seen; one misstep and someone could easily go tumbling down the rows of folding chairs before hitting the bottom.
I'm also unlucky enough to be seated on the far left side of the auditorium.
The seats don't even face the stage! They're pointed towards the left wall, and I have to crane my head right to see the band playing.
The symphonic rock band before me is known for blending classical pianos and violins with hard rock guitars.
Today for some reason they're incorporating church choirs into the music, religious themes into the lyrics, and crosses into their stage backdrop.
I wasn't prepared for imagery so blatant, but I also wasn't prepared for them to come back from hiatus.
But now I see the one benefit of having this awful seating; we can at least see the group as they enter from the door below our seats.
Was it worth it?