The lights in the spacious stadium fade out, and the crowd around me erupts in cheers. A minimalist electronic tune resonates from the speakers, and a spotlight shines down on a single figure on stage; the cone of light illuminates the rising fog like the Holy Spirit blessing Christ, and the intentional imagery isn't lost on me. The electronic intro track rises and swells along with the singer's crooning voice before abruptly dropping out. The simplistic synth from the beginning plays one last time before the stage lights flash on and begin to strobe, ushering in a wild guitar riff, pounding drums, and screamed lyrics. The low-end from the speakers is so loud I feel it penetrating my chest, forcing me to bang my head in time with the rhythm. Being here is like a dream come true. I can't help but sing along to the lyrics as the singer invites the audience to imagine themselves on a beach, their faith alone carrying them above the waves, even as a few concert-goers begin to surf and flail above the crowd. The hardest part is balancing enjoying the experience with preserving the memory for later, as I know it won't last forever. All good things come to an end eventually.